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are you a multipassionite?

the term "Multipassionite" speaks for itself; we each have a unique and complex blend of passions, skills, knowledge, and interests that no one else in the world can replicate. cool, right?

have you ever thought about how no one has ever read the exact same combination of books as you? taken all the same classes or compiled the same knowledge base as you have throughout your life? learned the exact same set of skills, trades, abilities, or sports as you? has the exact same interests or hobbies as you? 

that's something worth celebrating!

we are multifaceted people who love to learn and share knowledge, to gather inspiration wherever we can find it, and to inspire others along the way. we consider ourselves generalists, not experts. we don't want to be tied down to one subject, we want to experiment and experience all the interesting things life has to offer. 


throughout her life, our founder considered herself the female version of a "renaissance man" and commonly uses "jack of all trades in training" as her social media bios. plenty of male representation in these terms and phrases, but what about the women? Multipassionite is intentionally a non-gendered term; anyone can be a Multipassionite, especially us women. 

meet our founder/ceo

Natalie Bycraft

the founding Multipassionite, Natalie is an artist and painter who enjoys boxing. a writer who works on cars and motorcycles for fun. she likes to travel and never turns down an adrenaline-fueled activity; like skydiving and even bull riding once (and we're not talking the mechanical kind). she's an avid reader and an occasional gamer. a tennis player who loves riding her Harley Iron 883.


she's worked quite a range of jobs from corporate communications specialist to quick lube technician since graduating from Ferris State (go dawgs!) with her bachelor's in business (majoring in public relations and minoring in international business).

Natalie has five years of design experience and 15 years' worth of artistic study. back in her role as a communications specialist, there wasn't a single word that left the company through email, newsletters, promotional materials, posters, and points of sale that she didn't write or strictly edit and proofread.


Natalie will take that experience, knowledge, creativity, and meticulous attention to grammar and apply it to your design or manuscript. and will hopefully encourage you to embrace all your unique interests along with her.

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photo by Therese Vainner-Cribley

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